Shore Haven

Yacht Club 

Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Important Information for Boaters and Owners

2018 Boat Slip Leases:
The 2018 lease application is now available.
If anyone is interested in renting a marina owned boat slip, please contact the office to place your name on a waiting list posted in the marina office. If available, boat slips are offered to owners first that own a slip that cannot accommodate their current size boat. 


A trip to Shore Haven Yacht Club shows that the garage on the grounds is not quite typical, and holds many things you wouldn't normally find in a marina garage. There are assorted sized pots, bowls and BBQ utensils, along with a propane cooker for use with the really large pots.  There is also a microwave, refrigerator and a freezer, for weekend use.  Members are welcome to use these items, and to please put everything back clean when finished.  Items stored in the refrigerator and freezers should be removed at the end of the weekend, since there is no maid service here at SHYC! There are generally paper towels hanging above the refrigerator, but any other paper supplies (plates, cups, silverware) need to be supplied by each boater.

Many thanks to all who have made donations over the years, both money and time.  SHYC is a very different marina than it was 11 years ago.  It was always a nice, quiet, family orientated marina; but the improvements over the past years have turned it into a true first class marina with a waiting list to obtain a slip.  We are indeed one of a kind with not only great amenities but a really great group of boaters, who have become family.

For new boaters and current boaters who may forget the boating lease process at SHYC:


Complete the lease in its entirety, as incomplete leases will be returned, unapproved. All FOUR copies of the completed lease, along with the insurance declaration page must be submitted for approval. Be sure to include or update both owners and renters email addresses as this is the method of communication. Even though we may have a copy of last year’s insurance declaration page you must submit another. If your policy expires during the season you must submit the renewal declaration page when the other expires. Photocopies of leases, or leases submitted without all of the copies will be returned, unapproved. If approved, the slip owner will be mailed the renters copy and the owner’s copy of the lease. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure his or her renter receives a signed copy of the lease.

Boaters occupying the slip should stop by the marina office, or arrange a meeting with the Dock Master at least a week in advance of mooring your boat. Also, should there be any additional information that needs to be disseminated it will be given out at that time, along with your pool passes for the season.  

  It has become necessary to restate the policy for electrical use on boats while the boat owners are away from the marina. This applies specifically to the use of the air conditioning unit being run off of the thermostat or on the humidistat setting while the boat owner is away. The air conditioning unit cannot be run from the thermostat while the owner is away.  The slip’s lessee must declare upon submission of the lease that he intends to use the humidistat setting during the season while not at the boat. Upon declaring same the lessee will be billed an additional $75.00 for the extra electrical usage. If the lessee has not declared this up front and paid, or is using the air conditioner off of the thermostat as described above, the first offense will be a written warning. On a second offense the lessee will incur a $100.00 assessment that will entitle the lessee to utilize the air conditioner for the balance of the season in the humidistat setting, while away. If the lessee is a non-owner and fails to pay the assessment he will not be welcome back into the marina for the next season. If the lessee is an owner and he fails to pay the assessment he will be considered a member in bad standing.              




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