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 About SHYC......

Shore Haven Yacht Club, Inc. is a cooperative marina located on the north branch of the Beaver Dam Creek, a tributary of the Barnegat Bay.  The yacht club's address is 2410 Sylvan Drive, Point Pleasant, NJ.  Shore Haven Yacht Club's off-site office may be contacted weekdays during normal business hours at 732-240-0067.

Shore Haven Yacht Club is a proud recipient of the state funded IBOAT grant.

Our  dock  renovation was a total success.  Everyone in our marina is happy with the results, as well as the local boating community and neighborhood.   

       Since the project’s completion we have spoken to many boaters, from both inside and outside of our marina about the NJ IBOAT Grant program.  Most were amazed, and all very happy to see that these Grants were also being given to “small time operations” like ours.  Most knew where the funds were generated from and expressed a positive attitude knowing that they felt that the money was coming back to the boating community.  We always thank IBOAT during these discussions, for without their assistance this project would have been a fiscal nightmare for us.  Sometimes people develop negative feelings about taxes and governmental fees, usually not understanding where their money goes and feeling helpless.  It was refreshing to hear from a community of people appreciating what IBOAT and the state of NJ  have done for us and them.

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